Perfect Baby Gifts for Christmas Under $25

So you want to buy a present for a baby but not sure what to give or is it that you find the products too expensive. It is true, babies are in their growing stage and you might think spending a lot on something that will shortly be useless for the baby is not a good idea. If you are looking for something decent and affordable here are three of the best to choose from under $25.


baby Balls

Balls are the best present you can give to a baby. Children love to play with a ball, no matter whether they are in their crawling age or are old enough to walk. You might remember your own childhood and your attachment with playing with a ball. There are different kinds of balls you can gift to a baby depending upon his or her age. Make sure you don’t buy small balls for small children as they have a habit of chewing things. Bigger and colourful ball, that also makes some sound are best for small children. Adults can also join in the fun to make the playtime of the baby more entertaining.

Baby Rattles

Baby Rattles

One good thing you can find for the baby under $25 is a baby rattle. Baby rattles are not what they used to be before. Toy makers have changed the toy with the growing world. Now, new baby rattles include the elements that are good for baby’s growth. These toys simulate baby’s senses so he develops while enjoying. New baby rattles are now designed with colourful patterns and beautiful shapes that every baby loves to hold.

Plush Toys

Plush Toys

Plush toys are a great present to give to babies. These colourful and different shaped toys keeps the children entertained for a long time. Available in shape of animals, birds, fish etc., these toys are soft and cuddly which the child loves to hug and play with. Adults can play their part and make the toy come to life for the baby. Children love the plush toys even when they grow older. Plush toys make a great addition for decorating a child’s room or can be kept to save memories. When buying a plush toy, make sure you know the age of the child so you can purchase the right toy.

10 Baby Shower Gifts For Newborn


Here is a list of some adorable and useful gifts for that upcoming baby shower.



The new mother will like a BabyBjorn from you. So, this will be a wonderful present for her. This BabyBjorn is beautifully designed and is comfortable, roomy for your baby. It comes in eight different colours and can easily be worn by the parents.

Baby Booties

Baby Booties

These shoes come in plenty of styles with soft uppers and soles made of leather. Pediped Originals are beautifully designed and perfect for babies aging between new born to 24 months old. These shoes are designed by keeping in mind the growing feet of the baby and provide them protection during his first steps.

Cards has a wide collection of new mom note cards that are suitable for any occasion. You can find variety of styles and pick the right card from a huge collection. You will also get a good customer support and picture advice.

For Nursing Mothers

Nursing mothers needs support to place their child while breastfeeding them. For them Boppy is made which is suitable for all different sizes of waist and is available in different fabric styles and is easy to wash.

Halo SleepSack

Halo SleepSack is designed to keep the baby safe, comfortable and cozy in cool nights. Parents can rest more assure when there are no blankets, toys or pillows in the baby’s crib.

Modern Diaper Bag

Modern Diaper Bag

If you want to pick something for the mom then go for a Skip Hop’s Studio diaper bag. It has 2 insulated pockets for bottle and food for the baby and many other pockets for phone, keys and wallet and comes in good colours like champagne, black and chocolate brown.

Road Safety Gift

Give a present that can keep the child protected while riding. Pick a product from Graco My Ride which offers rear-facing seat for a newborn up to 40 pounds and front-facing for a child up to 65 pounds. 5-point harness keeps the child protected on the road and it’s been tested to protect the child in a crash.

Tummy Time

This mat is made with beautiful colours and includes a teether, dangling monkey toy and wind chime. The child can enjoy his time on the soft quilt. Parents can wash the pad in machine and the whole thing can easily be folded.

When Not Sure

You can buy a tiny leather jacket that will look so cute on the baby but focus on something small if the child is a newborn. Pick something from Zutano line which includes caps, leggings, sleep gowns, and footie pajamas which are suitable for babies up to 13 pounds. These products are designed with beautiful prints and are available for both girls and boys. So if you don’t know the gender of the child, buy something from Zutano line.

Wild Thing Bouncer

This bouncy seat comes with right equipment for the baby like blinking lights, music, spinners and hanging jungle buddies like toucan and monkey to please the baby. This bouncy seat is comfortable for the baby with three-point restraint.

Best Eight Cute Baby Gifts


There are different occasions that give people the opportunity to buy gifts; weddings, Christmas, valentines etc. However, there is nothing that gives satisfaction like buying gifts for the new born babies. Babies bring joy to most people and buying gifts for them is the surest way of showing them affection and love. There are many different baby gifts that you can choose.

Rocking chair

rocking chair

A baby rocking chair can be used by babies of all ages, from 0 months to 24 months. There are many different types of rocking chairs that you can choose. The best option however, is the portable baby rocking chair. The rocking chairs do recline and this enables the babies to learn how to sit down without assistance. The rocking chairs help the babies to develop their motor skills. They also help in promoting comfort and stability.

Baby plush toy and stuffed animals

stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are the first companion that the babies have apart from their parents. As the babies grow they learn to move and the stuffed animals will provide them with the opportunity to improve on their motor skills. You should be careful not to buy stuffed animals that have removable parts. This is because the babies love to suck and chew the toys. The stuffed animals are unisex but you should choose colors that are appealing to the sex of the baby.

Custom made blankets

custom blankets

Giving a baby a custom made blanket is an awesome idea. You should choose a color that is unique to the baby. It is also important for you to consider the theme color of the baby’s nursery when buying the blankets.

Building blocks


As the babies are growing, their curiosity increases. They also learn how to move their body especially their hands. The building blocks will provide them with the perfect opportunity to increase their skills.

Baby wee keys

Baby wee keys

This is a toy that has been designed for babies who are between 6 months to 12 months. The toy provides the children with the opportunity to develop their motor skills. The keys will keep the baby entertained as the keys produce a sound when being pressed.

Toy rattle

toy rattle

Toy rattle is a perfect gift for babies who are 3months+. With this gift the babies will learn how to move their hands. The toy will help the baby develop coordination skills. It is important for you to choose rattles that are big enough to fit in the baby’s hands.



The mobiles are ideal for soothing the baby to sleep. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The Mobiles are perfect for children between 0 to 6 months. They do help in improving their coordination skills. Some of the mobile products do come with relaxing music for the baby.

Finger baby puppets

finger baby puppets

The finger puppets are suitable for babies who are 0 to 6 months. They help in visual stimulation. You can buy ready-made puppets or make your own. Head over or to find out more baby gifts