How Miranda Kerr Keeps Herself In Shape


Miranda Kerr is one of the Australia’s top beauty. She keeps herself looking fit all the time with ballet and pilates mainly. Her fitness trainer, Andie Hecker, Ballet Bodies’ founder, tells how Miranda uses ballet moves in her workouts to stay in shape. Miranda is a person who is strict when it comes to fitness and always find time for it in her daily schedule. You too can copy her workout routine to get in shape just like her. You don’t even need experience either, just a bar and some sets of weights are enough to get started.

According to Just Home Gym, the ballet workout makes the body get in shape when your body maintains its balance while performing moves like arm and leg extension. This gives shape to your muscles making your body look fit. Some of the moves in her workout are:

Arabesque Fondue
Reps: 32

One of the most basic moves in ballet that shapes your arms and gluteal. Stand on any one leg and extend the other behind you forming a right angle. Keep your hands stretch. Position the shoulder straight in the direction’s line. Maintain your balance and do the reps. The meaning of Fondue is to melt.

Arabesque Pulses
Reps: 32

Arabesque is a move in ballet which involves the person to stand on one foot while keeping the other in the air. For this move, you will do the same as Arabesque Fondue that is to keep the other leg behind you forming a right angle. Lift your hands up above your head and extend your lifted leg higher in the air at the same time. Then bring your both hands and leg back down. The move is to tone up your legs.

Inner Thigh Splits to Sous-Sous
Reps: 32

As the name suggests this move is to strengthen your inner thighs which are great for runners and athletes. Lie on the ground and raise your legs straight up in the air so you form an L shape. Now split your legs apart, so they look like a V, then bring them back together with fingers pointing upwards. You can cross your legs slightly in this position.

Side Lying Développé Series
Reps: 24

This move workouts the butt and outer thighs. Lie on right side of your body with one leg over the other. Now start by bending your knees and bring them in front of you then stretch your leg forward. Then bring it back to bend position and while bending the knee move your leg, so the knee now faces the ceiling then bring back to bend position. Once you have done all the reps, skip the leg extending part and do 32 reps of only moving the knee forward and upward.

Supine Grand Battements Series
Reps: 32

This one is a little tough and requires good body balance and arms strength. Lie down on the ground and hold weights in both hands. Bring your legs up from the floor that they form a 45-degree angle. In this position, cross your legs and keep doing reps by bringing one leg over the other. Keep your hands up in the air on your sides the entire time. Once you have completed the reps, then while keeping the both legs up at the 45-degree angle, bring one up straight so your feet face the ceiling then bring it back down above the other leg. Do 16 reps for both legs.

Along with her ballet moves, Miranda also does Yoga to stretch her body and improve her balance. She does meditation to clear her mind.

Miranda’s Diet Plan


The model follows a special diet that is based on her blood group. The concept of such diet is that people with different blood groups have different foods suitable for them. The people of one blood type can digest some food better compared to people of other blood groups. On this belief, Miranda follows a diet that only includes specific kinds of foods. But be warned that such diet may not work for everyone.

Miranda’s blood group is A which includes foods like vegetables, organic chicken meat, and seafood in her diet. She often faces anemia cause of lack of iron she gets from her diet. This problem occurs because she eats less meat which is a good source of iron. To cover up, she eats vegetables that have higher levels of iron in them. But the heme iron which is absorbed by the body is found in high amount in animals whereas vegetables contain less amount of iron to be absorbed by the body. This makes a person eating less meat suffer from anemia.

Miranda eats healthy foods but doesn’t stay away from favorite foods as well. She follows an 80/20 principle. If you look at her face, you can see how young she looks, and you can’t judge her right age. This is because she eats right.

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